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We now sell CarePlus Natural (and chemical) midge repellents.

 Home of the Midge!
EU rules mean we would have to register the active ingredients of Stop Bite at a cost of 300,000 euros EACH, so sadly we stopped selling it.

With Bog Myrtle - traditionally used in Scotland to repel insects

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If you already have itchy midgie or other insect bites,
try herbal Itch Ease natural relief. Sting Ease is the
best to soothe wasp and bee stings. For hot tired feet,
try refreshing Toots Ease foot spray with rosemary.

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 Bottle of natural midge repellant spray, made with Scottish bog myrtle

Don't let the midge (or midgie!) bite you when you can protect yourself with our natural midge repellent spray. It's made in Scotland by us, from freshly gathered Bog Myrtle, which has been used for decades in Scotland as an insect repellent to keep any biting insects from being a pest. It's also reported to be an effective mosquito repellent, and to repel flies and clegs.

Midges just won't like the taste of you, and will look for other people to eat. Stop Bite is non-greasy, not oily, and smells pleasant, except to the midge! It has the delightful fragrance of Scottish bog myrtle, otherwise known as sweet gale, with lavender and rosemary. Stop Bite contains lavandin, a hybrid of English lavender and spike lavender which contains camphor, very effective for repelling midges and mozzies. It comes in a 50 ml (2 oz) plastic bottle with pump spray, a pocket size herbal midge spray, a natural repellent for tourists and walkers, golfing and fishing, wherever there's midges about.

As well as a midge repellent, bog myrtle (latin name myrica gale) is used in Scottish heather ales, and was often used in Scottish cooking for its flavour. It's antimicrobial, antibacterial, gives natural relief for insect bites, it reportedly has anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties, and is an effective cure for acne. We think it's an underated herb, not just a natural insect repellent.

Our fresh herb midge spray is made with Witch Hazel, bog myrtle, lavender and other common garden herbs. It does not kill insects, does not harm the environment, has no chemicals, and is made without chemical processing.

You can read more about midge repellents, and more about midges from the midgieman.

 bigger midge  nasty bites!
Our anti midge website has midge repellent, after bite, head net and candles. The Essential Oils site has essential oils and carrier oils.
We also make a natural wasp and bee sting spray, and herbal foot sprays, and our main Totally Herby of Scotland website has the lot.

 Our logo is the attractive pineapple mint herb,
 a rarer seen mint and prized for its fine flavour  Bog Myrtle for a natural Scottish insect repellent
Totally natural ingredients, not tested on animals.
Unique midge repellent made in Scotland by
Totally Herby of Scotland
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