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Best midge repellent? Some advice.

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We're often asked "does your midge repellent work?"

We've been making and selling Stop Bite for 11 years, and wouldn't if it didn't work. The only change in that time was adding lavandin, which further improved its effectiveness as a repellent. We do not use chemicals, our repellent has natural ingredients. We use fresh herbs rather than essential oils, in a traditional manufacturing process to preserve their fragrance.

We have many reports of it being an effective mosquito repellent in Europe, Africa, US and Asia, and mixed reports about repelling sandflies. We accidentally found it repels house flies and horseflies! For some people insect repellents just don't work, and a few lucky people don't need them at all. Some people are natural midge magnets - take one with you!

Some find competitive products are better, for many ours is the best midge repellent, apparently it depends on skin type, diet and other factors. For some people, by the time they spray on the midge repellent they've already been bitten.

Best advice is to spray on 10 minutes before going out, and keep spraying every hour or so, depending on activity. Some times the midgies seem to be more ferocious than normal, best thing then is to keep moving at a brisk walking pace, stay indoors - or cover your skin and wear a midge head net. We recommend our midgy net "The Stopper" Midge Head Net which was 4 week soak tested for use with Stop Bite.  what a nasty bug You can spray Stop Bite on your head net while wearing it.

For just sitting outdoors we have citronella, lavender and bog myrtle Midge candles.

More about midges by the midgieman.

We make our insect repellent, after-bite and other sprays in our facility in Scotland, where we also make our midge candles.
Our comfortable and very fine mesh head net is made to our own design and exacting specification, also here in Scotland.

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